iCloud for Windows

With iCloud for Windows, you’ll have your photos, videos, mail, calendar, files, and other important information on the go and on your Windows PC.

Get everything you love, on every device you use

When you download and set up iCloud on your Windows PC, your photos, videos, mail, files, and bookmarks are accessible on all of your devices. If you need help, you can find solutions to common issues or learn more about iCloud for Windows.iCloud for Windows 10

One convenient home for all of your photos

Use iCloud Photo Library on your Windows PC to download all of the photos and videos from iCloud to your computer, or upload your Windows Pictures library to iCloud. And when you turn on iCloud Photo Sharing, you can share your captured memories with just the people you choose. read more

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Windows 10 Major Creators Update

Microsoft Windows 10 has finally come out with its promised Creators Update. Here we have some of the major new perks, and some of them at least, are pretty awesome.

For those who like to use Paint, Paint 3D can be big-time fun with your ability to gain access to the creative http://remix3D.com, With this new app, you can create 3D cartoons, etc. Modify them and change color, texture along with a host of other tinkering you can enjoy.Windows 10 Major Creators Update

One of Windows 10 major creative updates is improved gaming. Everything goes faster and more smoothly and you’ll be able to incorporate interactive features into your stream at home read more

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how to fix error c101b000 on windows phone?

error c101b000 windows phone lumiaThe error code ‘c101b000’ referred to a fault in the market store, failed on downloading progress from microsoft app store. Its solved on my lumia 640. Please try these steps might be solving the error :

  1. Try connecting to other internet connection or Wi-Fi.
  2. Check for Windows updates available for your phone.
  3. Go to Downloads and cancel all the pending downloads.
  4. Perform a soft reset.

You should have your phone turned on. Press and hold the volume down Imageand  PowerImage buttons until your phone vibrates and restarts.

Please note that you shouldn’t touch the device screen during the process not even when the ‘slide down to power off’ prompt appears. read more

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How to Disable Ads in Microsoft Edge Windows 10

Find out how to remove ads in Microsoft Edge Windows 10. Block ads in Microsoft Edge browser using the right ad blocker to stop and disable pop up virus.

Microsoft Edge is the default web browser for Windows 10, just like its predecessor, this web browser comes with the installation of Windows 10. Although Microsoft claims that Edge is a modern web browser, but there are still many shortcomings compared to the giant web browsers such as Firefox and Google Chrome.

The lack of extensions makes Microsoft Edge vulnerable to pop up ads when you are browsing the internet. It becomes annoying when you are dealing with pop-up ads are very annoying, so we have to disable it read more

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