Get help with system restore in windows 10

You have a problem or need help to do a system restore in Microsoft Windows 10? We will cover you in: how to system restore to earlier date, factory settings, system restore not working, how to restore from boot or safe mode, how to restore your edge browser. Or if you had enough with Windows 10, and you want to restore your Windows 10 to Windows 8.

System Restore is the first thing you should enable after upgrading to Windows 10. System restore is the easiest way to restore your Windows 10 computer to its original state if something goes wrong. When your computer is in the best condition without a problem, it is recommended that you create a restore point. By creating a restore point Windows will backup your system settings so that if something goes wrong when you do a major update, you can restore your Windows 10 as normal just like before you make that mistake. read more

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