Printer Doesn’t Work After Windows 10 Upgrade

What you have to do when your printer doesn’t work after Windows 10 upgrade. Here are the methods you can use to make your printer live and work again on Windows 10.

Upgrading to Windows 10 could lead you into some trouble like this one, the printer problems. Every time Microsoft released a new Operating System, looks like they always have a trouble with the printer. Printer itself is an ancient hardware, it should be eradicated, it cause a pain in the ass, i don’t know how they QC-passing all those troublesome printers. Admit it, we can only use printers as a normal device for max 12 months and then it keep giving you troubles. read more

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How to get help in windows 10 printer

When upgrading to Windows 10, some of the connected devices often experience problems, one of which is a printer. If your printer does not work in Windows 10, here are some of the first help to the windows 10 printer.

The problem that occurs in Windows 10 can be grouped into two: Software and Hardware Problems. The problems of printer software on Windows 10 is still the same with printer problems in earlier versions of Windows before Windows 10, it is the driver. Whenever you upgrade or replace your Operating System, there is always a problem with the driver. Meanwhile, if the problem is the hardware of the printer itself, then nothing we can do, call the technical support. We can only help to troubleshoot your Windows 10 printer. read more

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