How to Disable Windows Defender in Windows 10

Windows Defender is turning on by default when you are using Windows 10 for the first time. For performance issue, some people choose to disable it. But Windows Defender will be re-activated automatically after you disable it for a while, then how to completely disable Windows Defender in Windows 10?

Windows Defender is good enough for virus protection in Windows 10. With Windows Defender’s Real Time Protection, your computer will be protected in real time. Windows Defender running the scan in the background while you are browsing the internet or doing any other activities. For users of Windows 10 with basic specifications, running Windows Defender with Real Time Protection may slowing down the computer. read more

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How to Enable/Disable Kaspersky Safe Money In Windows 10

Are you using Kaspersky service for your internet banking and online payments security? After you use Windows 10, how to enable or disable Kaspersky Safe Money in Windows 10.

Today more and more people use the internet to buy something with transactions done online. The development of internet banking and online payments followed by the development of computer security threats. Kaspersky has a feature called Kaspersky Safe Money that can make you safe in doing online payments.

Kaspersky Safe Money In Windows 10 has three main components, each of them protects you from various types of security threats: read more

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windows 10 virus protection

You need virus protection for Windows 10? How to enable the Real-time protection on Windows Defender? is Windows Defender good enough to protect my computer? When do you need another antivirus to protect your Windows 10?
Security is the primary issues since first being for Windows. Windows XP became the most vulnerable operating system of its time, even a grandmother can make a computer virus for Windows XP. Since Windows 7, Windows security system become better. When you want to run an executable file, you will get a warning to make sure you want to run it. Most viruses on Windows is executable file with  dot exe extension. read more