Defer upgrades in windows 10

What is the meaning of defer upgrade in Windows 10, why you should or should not enable this option and how to do it?

Windows 10 provides regular updates on new features or important security updates. Sometimes there are still many bugs in this new features and requires testing and repair again before they finally stable. By enabling defer upgrades in Windows 10, you will not get the updates for new features until several months after the release, so it will be tested and safe to use.

How to defer upgrades in windows 10

Not all versions of Windows 10 can do defer upgrade. Defer upgrade in Windows 10 only available for Windows 10 Professional, Enterprise or Education edition. Windows 10 Home edition will get the automatic updates, the users of Windows 10 Home will be the beta tester for the new features. After all the bugs get fixed, it usually take a while, so it will be better to defer upgrade, until the new features is stable.

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Check for updates in windows 10

It is very important to keep your Windows 10 updated with the latest security patches, new features, and setting changes. You will learn How to check for updates in Windows 10.

When first launched until now, Windows 10 changes, improve, and add some new features. Windows 10 users can get these changes only through Windows Update. Many people are afraid to update their Windows 10 because they are afraid of losing the license. It is quite impossible if you are using genuine Windows 10, not the pirated one.

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