How to Backup Emails, Contacts & Calendar

Find Out How to Backup Emails, Contacts & Calendar

Backup Emails, Contacts & Calendar (Easy Way) will be discussed about how to deal with it. What must be prepared before making backup in Outlook is an Outlook account that has been synchronized with an email account. After that, you can do the following steps.

Easy Ways to Backup Emails, Contacts & Calendar

  1. Open the Outlook Application. Please open the Outlook application that you have. Outlook is one of Microsoft’s products that are currently available on various platforms such as Windows and Mac OS.Backup Emails, Contacts & Calendar
  2. Selecting the Export and Import Menu. Then, please click on your right mouse to go to File Menu. Then Open and Export are appeared. Then to continue it, click on the font. You can use this to upload or download e-mail files.
  3. Export File Backup. Well, because this time the backup email will be backed up, transfer to anything file you want. Then select the file type you want to export. Exported is the same as downloaded. Please select the file type .pst or Outlook Data File. Then click Next. This is how to Backup Emails, Contacts & Calendar (Easy Way)
  4. Choosing Emails That Want to Backup. Then, choose which folder you want to backup. If you just want the inbox folder, please click Inbox. If you want all emails to be backed up, please click the email address. Then click Next. Select the location where the e-mail file will be exported. To change the location of the file, please click Browse then choose which directory you are going to. Or leave the default as shown. Then click Finish.
  5. Files have been backed up. Wait a moment until the backup process is complete. Voila! The backup file has been exported. Now try opening the folder according to the location that you specified earlier. And the Outlook email backup file has been exported / downloaded.

That’s all how to Backup Emails, Contacts & Calendar.