How to Pin Screen Snip to Taskbar In Windows 10

How to Pin Screen Snip to Taskbar In Windows 10

Because Windows 10 offers an interface that is really new, better than Windows 7 and Windows 8, but it’s true that Windows 10 is really fit, try installing it or not believing it. Here the 4 steps to pin screen snip to taskbar

  1. right-click on the desktop and choose new – shortcut Pin Screen Snip to Taskbar In Windows 102. type at the location box : ms-screenclip:?source=QuickActionsput snipping tool on the taskbar windows 103. enter name of shortcut and then drag the shortcut to the taskbar.

For the snipping tool, you can use simple way like it : Pin Sniping tool to Taskbar In Windows 10 trick

Behind this elegant look, Windows 10 is also equipped with features that make it easier for users during operation, one of these features is Screenshot with Snipping Tools. This program is default from Windows 10.

For those of you who are curious, how do you do Screenshot by using Snipping Tool on Windows 10, here’s:

  1. First you search the program first in the windows menu “Snipping Tool”
  2. If you have already entered “Enter”
  3. There you can choose some of the desired screenshot methods.
  • There, Free-form Snip -> Take a screenshot according to the shape we want
  • Rectangular Snip -> Take a screenshot in square or rectangular form (free to choose)
  • Windows Snip -> Do a screenshot based on the part we choose
  • Full-screen Snip -> Take full-size live screenshots

Now, now you have already figured out how to do Screenshot and now let’s see How To Pin Screen Snip To Taskbar In Windows.

How to Change Taskbar Position In Windows 10

  1. Press the Windows + I icon on your keyboard.
  2. After that, you will be taken to Windows Settings. To continue, select and click Personalization.
  3. After you click Personalization, the next step is to click Taskbar.
  4. After you are on the Taskbar, to change the position of your Taskbar on Windows 10, you can look at the Taskbar location on screen, after that, select the position where you want the Taskbar from your Windows 10 to be displayed (“Left, Top, Right, Bottom “).
  5. Done
    The above are the latest and most complete ways or steps that you can follow and How To Pin Screen Snip To Taskbar In Windows 10 to change the position of your Taskbar in Windows 10.