How To Reset Network Settings In Windows 10

Find Out How To Reset Network Settings In Windows 10 Easily

How To Reset Network Settings or how to restore network connections In Windows 10, there are some obstacles that are often followed by laptop users, one of which is related to a network connection on a laptop. As is known that network problems can be caused by several factors, such as network connections that are down or the condition of the router that needs to be reset.

The first thing before setting up a network on Windows is to make sure that the internet problem that you encounter is not from the internet, but from the laptop. If the problem that arises is indeed from your laptop, then the first step you have to do is restart or turn off the laptop and wait for up to 20 seconds. After that you can try to turn on your laptop again and send it to the internet network.

But if this method has no effect, you can try resetting network playback on your Windows 10 laptop. The following will explain how to reset network settings in Windows 10 easily, so that the network on your laptop can work normally.

windows 10 reset network configuration :

For those of you who have Windows 10 and don’t know How to Reset Network Settings on Windows 10, you can reset the network settings as follows,How To Reset Network Settings in windows 10

  1. Click the Settings application on the main menu
  2. Click the network & internet menu, then select the Wi-Fi menu on the left.
  3. Right-click on the menu section where there is a known managing
  4. Finally, click on the unwanted network or use it again.

It was a few steps how to reset network settings in Windows 10. These steps you can try or use to reset the network on your laptop that has been installed Windows 10 application. But before setting up the network system in a laptop, you should first make sure that the problems that arise really occur not because of the internet network, but the arrangement of the laptop network system.